Friday, 29 August 2014

Style | Grey Is The New Black

As someone who declares numerous times her love for a monochrome wardrobe, you can imagine my excitement on seeing the fashion world turn in to a hue of tonal grey. Grey is no longer a faded black, a dirty white or a mere shadow of a colour. No, grey has emerged as this autumns front running staple colour. Forget those dark blacks, deep burgundys and forest greens that have so long been a member of your fall wardrobe. ( Ok, maybe don't forget them. Perhaps just tone them down a bit. A burgundy croc bag, or a chunky knit green jumper should do it. ) Grey is now your staple colour this season! 

While at first the thought of a grey wardrobe can seem like quite a dull pallette, I am here to hopefully (though not all that confidently) show you that Grey is not boring. Different shades, textures and patterns can bring your grey outfit to life, adding contrast and interest to what could otherwise be a washout of an outfit.

I can not stress enough how important the cut and texture of clothing is to the overall effect of an outfit. Though I have only been blogging fashion  for a few months, I have already established that simple details are key to creating an outfit that works. Whether or not I achieve a successful outfit is still questionable, BUT I am learning and hopefully progressing.

What's more, is that a simple grey pallette allows room for your accessories to take centre stage. Small hints of colour can really stand on their own against a background of grey hues. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful Jade Stone ring with very simple yet extremely elegant sterling silver detailing from gen K. Jewelry. Genevie, the creator of these beautiful pieces, makes it her mission to travel around the world to source the materials for her jewellery. Each pieces is carefully and thoughtfully selected, and this is what gives her brand the uniqueness and tranquil characteristics. 

The ring I was sent was made out of Jade. gen K. Jewelry uses Jade because it is an enchanting gemstone with unique properties that fosters zen and promotes calmness. Back in ancient Chinese history, only the emperor and official of high ranks were allowed to wear jade as it was considered a precious stone. It was believed to ward off evil and protect the wearer. 

Taking these historic properties of the stone, gen K. Jewelry decided to modernise the jade with a "face-lift" incorporating avant-garde concepts and contemporary design to enable the discerning individual to portray a sense of style and originality. I, myself, find the ring absolutely stunning and am so happy to be the owner of such a unique item.

I wanted to play about with the location, so decided to try an urban vibe. Closest I could find was this skatepark, so I had to have a bit of fun while I was there!

The piece that I feel really finishes this look is the bag! I actually grabbed this off my friend Lydia last minute and stole it for my outfit! I love the rough-finish leather and the boldness of the backpack. Definitely need to invest in one for myself. I feel the rucksack really breaks up the outfit and adds in another layer of volume to keep it from looking flat!

All my love,


Top | H&M
Jumper | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Boots | ZARA
Bag | From Lydia

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Style Great Lengths

I was  lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous pieces from Orelia. They are so wonderful and really hold a very elegant and dainty feel. I love the incorporation of the natural amethyst stone, its hazey purple tones compliment the gold perfectly!

I am a huge fan of statement jewellery, but sometimes you don't need anything too out there to make your statement. These pieces are a perfect example of how a few smaller, delicate pieces can come together to not just complete a look, but to make it altogether. Adding these touches from  Orelia change the outfit from something very casual, to an outfit that holds some character and detailing. I love them! 

 I think long, floating, skirts are incredibly feminine. While midi skirts found themselves in the spotlight for a while, long floor length skirts can always be found styled on the streets no matter what part of the year. There is something about the Grecian style and bohemian trend that encapsulates pieces of great length and which makes the such a solid staple in peoples wardrobes.

I love the way long pieces hang and drape off the body, while each piece is made the same, when put on it changes to envelope the shape of our own unique bodies meaning the same skirt could look completely different on various body shapes. 

What's more, these lengths of floating material show off the body without showing anything at all. While the wrong cut may leave you drowned in a mass of unflattering material, finding the right piece will flatter you to no-end. It leaves much to the imagination, a trait that is often much more loved then showing off the real thing. 

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of black. So, what better colour to style a long black skirt with than more black? You see my point. I paired my skirt with a beautifully simple off the shoulder black crop. The off the shoulder detailing, along with the lengthy thigh slit in the skirt gives that hinted suggestion of what lies underneath. A perfect way to show you are wearing great lengths, not to cover, but to frame.

I paired this outfit with my plain Carvella pointed flats, they have a lovely bit of gold detailing on the heel just to add to the Grecian style of floating dresses and half-up do's.

Hope you are all well!

All my love,


Monday, 18 August 2014

Style | Sophisti-kid

I love a good blazer. I feel they really make any outfit that bit smarter. Fitted jackets and blazers in all different colours, styles and variations can be seen frequently on the streets this summer. What's more is that they are the perfect transitional piece that will see you through the warmer autumn months as well.

I seem to look so glazed/shocked in these  picture so I apologise. I think the room was just to bright for my little eyes. I remind myself of a rabbit caught in the headlights, but we will just  have to work with them and hope all is not lost!

Chunky statement necklaces have been a key trend this spring/summer, and this has been followed by chunky everything else! Shoes, bracelets, earnings, bags, any accessories that is larger than life can be welcomed to adorn a fashionable ensemble.

I absolutely adore this bracelet which was kindly sent to me by the wonderful lady behind Accessory Wednesday. While I usually wouldn't have picked this piece, I am so happy that it was sent to me because I love the chunky detailing it gave to the outfit.

It was really easy to style and such an eye-catching piece. I got so many compliments on it when I wore it in the city, which is always a sign of a good choice! The peoples voice matters! The bracelet has a crystal charm about it, and the layering affect gives it an almost baroque style of the beautiful eclectic eccentric feeling of lavish and luxury. An absolutely beautiful piece. 

Make sure to check out Accessory Wednesday where a new auction is held EVERY Wednesday for your chance to purchase some of their statement pieces! 

I have paired my trusty white clutch, one of my favourite pieces ever! It has seemed timeless so far, but I am sure there will come a day when I will no longer be able to pair this beauty with an outfit for instant fashion points.

I have collected shoes since I can remember, they have always been a huge love of mine. When I was younger I used to chose barbies (yes I was that girl that played with barbies non-stop) just by which shoes they came with. Once I got them home I would take the shoes and collect them in a little pot and would wish that for Christmas Santa would bring me them in my shoe size! So I have a pretty good collection, but it doesn't stop me from wanting more.

This pair are a very statement pair, there is nothing elegant about them. They re just big in every aspect. The buckle, the strap, the platform, the heel are all made up of a good dose of chunkiness. I like the way they seem to work well with the clean cut blazer, yet they contrast with the delicate floral print of the playsuit.  

Hope you are all well, and sorry this post was a bit delayed!

All my love,


Blazer | H&M
Playsuit | Dorothy Perkins
Shoes | New Look
Bracelet | Accessory Wednesday

Friday, 15 August 2014

Style | I Take My Coffee Black...

I love the new statement jewellery trend, huge chunky necklaces now complete any look to add more colour and interest. That is why I jumped at the chance to work with Rose and Storm and feature one of their gorgeous necklaces on my blog.

I received this beautiful candy pink chunky bead necklace and I couldn't be more happy with it! The necklace sits well and is the perfect size to catch peoples attention. While some statement necklaces can be too overbearing on the outfit, this one from Rose and Storm is perfect and gives just enough colour and detail while still being simple and clean cut.

If you have read my previous posts, you already know my obsession with black. I love black clothing, and I always feel really comfortable wearing all black and it saves me from having to think about colour and pattern matching! 

I do, however, love interesting clothes so for me it is important to add shape and texture to any of my mono-coloured outfits. I love this tailored skort from Zara! I picked it up in the Zara spring sale for under £10 and love it. I feel that it is great at slimming down my not-so-slim thighs and also helps to elongate my legs thanks to its pointed design! 

These little strappy heels were also a bargain! The beauties come from H&M and were less the £15. While I usually love super high heels, I had a sensible turn when I purchased these, they are the smallestheels I own but they are super comfy and I still think they look fine!

I love the delicate feel that these heels have, the slender straps make them look really elegant and I think the minimal detail and minimal fabric really work with the bulk of black that the outfit uses! 

I always love to look quite smart, and that's why I love the structured shoulder pads that are hidden in the boxy top. The outfit as a whole has quite a masculine feel, but the heels soften it up. 

I also love white nails, as I feel they always look so fresh and crisp! I am wearing Models Own new HyperGel Range!

All my love, 


Necklace | Rose and Storm
Top | Zara
Skort | Zara
Shoes | H&M
Bag | Ebay

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Style | The Tropics

I have been lusting after a cute two piece for ages, so when I saw the amazing pieces by by Sarah from Sewn by Sarah Lou I jumped at the chance to feature them on my blog.

Two pieces have been a key statement in the fashion world this spring/summer, and Sarah's sets are absolutely perfect for buying into the trend. She offers beautiful fabrics and a range of style so that each two piece set is custom-made and individual to you.

Sometimes, handmade items can lack the professional quality of shop bought clothes. But this is not the case here. When I received my two piece and tried it on, I was completely happy with the quality and fit. They came just as described, and were exactly what I had ordered. The tropical pink print Emily crop and white shorts. I fell in love with them and couldnt wait to blog them!

The shorts are really great, they are a stretchy fabric and have an elasticated waist band which is always good! The top itself came in a lovely bold print, I am usually quite boring with my patterns but I couldn't resist this amazing print. Sewn by Sarah Lou has amazing fabric to choose from, but this was by far my favourite!

I paired my two piece with a simple white clutch as I felt that the top should be the feature of this outfit. I loved the pattern so much and wanted to frame it in all its beauty!

I also paired this with some white wedges with wooden detailing, I love wedges and white so they were the perfect combination! I was tempted to wear my black strappy heels, but for some reason I just couldn't replace the white wedges.

While the outfit is a perfect summers day piece, it can also be easily layered with a blazer or jacket and worn out in the evenings.

I can not wait to wear this out and see peoples reaction to the bold print and contrasting white shorts. The pieces on Sewn by Sarah Lou  are just so incredibly priced, and fantastic! I am so happy to now be the proud owner of one.

All my love,


Shorts | Sewn by Sarah Lou 
Wedges | New Look
Clutch | New Look

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Style | Clean Cut Electric

I have been promising myself two things recently. 
1) I will buy myself a white jacket/blazer.
2) I will add colour to my wardrobe.
And today's post has achieved both of those things!

I was a girl on a mission, a mission to find the best white blazer I could at a reasonable price. I found myself in the trusty H&M, queuing up with a simple white blazer, when this little jacket caught my eye. I just couldn't resist the black piping detail, and the black and white contrasting lapels. Both blazer and jacket were £29.99 and so a made a quick and hefty swap and bought this little number home!

I really love how smart jackets can really transform an outfit. I have always loved monochrome ( as you can probably tell) and so I just had to have this little jacket. It's a bit more formal then i'd usually wear, and the jacket itself has feminine qualities but on the whole is quite a masculine looking thing. But, alas, I am in love with it.

As for adding colour, I picked up some bright coloured t-shirts for the bargain price of £7.99 in Zara. This electric blue is super bright, and I love the colour. I don't really have anything else this colour in my wardrobe so it was a welcome addition.

I also bought a lime green/neon yellow top in the same style which I will feature in an upcoming post. These tees were just a great way to add a bold pop of colour, into what is a dominant black and white wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of ankle boots and heels, so heeled ankle boots are always a winner! These ones were from Zara (zara's pieces are incredible at the moment). They have a really clumpy wooden heel and platform, they can feel quite hard to walk in as the sole doesn't cushion your step. BUT, I love the suede taupe colour and I can last a good few hours in them, so all is not lost.

The weather was really nice and sunny today and i'm hoping it will continue as I really need one more beach days!

All my love,


Jacket | H&M
Top | Zara
Leggings | Topshop
Boots | Zara
Sunglasses | Outfit