Monday, 13 January 2014

Hair Chalk Revival

Hey Luxies,

Sorry for the lack of posts, i've just got back to uni and had to work out some kind of plan as to when to post and when to fit in uni work e.t.c but I think I have come up with a pretty sustainable plan to make sure I keep posting regularly! 

Today's post is on hair chalk! I know what you are thinking ..... 'hasn't that phase been and passed?'.... and to that I would answer no. Here is the hair chalk revival. 

Hair chalking has been shown on tutorials on youtube and on blogs as a fun, easy and non-permenant way to add some colour to those lush locks! Hair chalking has now been adopted by the brands of haircare and recently L'oreal has launched their own hair chalk products along with some pretty fun style ideas too.

As much as I would love to spend £15.00 on some temporary hair colour from L'oreal, I just can't justify it , now would I be able to choose which colour! So I went on to the best place i knew - ebay - and searched for a cheap alternative to find these beauties.

LOOK AT ALL THE COLOURS (46 to be exact) ! They are so beautiful and vibrant and what's more is they stay this pigmented in your hair! The colours worked really well, they transferred to the hairs beautifully and were so easy to use. The chalks were only £14.99 The added bonus was that postage and packaging was free and they were delivered pretty fast, in just 3 days!

Hair has to be wet before the chalk is applied. Hair works best if twisted when being coloured.

I just did the tips, but you can do lots of different variations.

Looks like I am making Dreadlocks haha!

There was however a slight problem, it's been 5 washes now and the colour still has not come out of my hair. I have tried shampooing twice, using extreme amounts of conditioner and showering several times a day. But still I am left with a faded pink dip-dye. While it doesn't look awful, it's not the best look i've ever pulled off. 

After several washes it is still bright!

These chalks are great value for money, and the colour selection is fab. I guess the long lasting colour can be seen as either a negative or a positive depending on what you're looking for from this product.

All my love,