Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Perfect Shade of Red?

Hey Luxies,

So today I have the PERFECT shade of red to share with you! This colour is so so flattering, and wears with great ease. It is the perfect winter shade, and though Christmas has passed and the New Year has begun, it is the perfect way to add a hint of festive subtlety to your nails to carry on that Christmas feeling.

I present to you the Bourjois '1 seconde' nail polish in Shade 14, it is a beautiful deep red with a subtle silver shimmer. Despite the silver tones this polish comes out looking very warm and at a glance you would think it was more gold based! I find it really hard wearing dark colours as my skin has yellow undertones but this shade seems to be just perfect, offering a rich, deep colour with a warmth that really compliments my skin and keeps my fingers looking elegant!
Not only is the colour incredibly rich but it is also long lasting! Despite only taking '1 seconde'  to dry (thought not quite one second it is really easy to apply thanks to the innovative shaped brush, and dries pretty fast compared to other polishes) it lasts a long time for a high street polish!
Day 1 | Two coats of polish over a Sally Hansen Base coat, topped with a Sally Hansen Top Coat!

Day 7 | This has lasted well over a week, no chips but starting to lose its glossy finish.

This polish has lasted a week, and though i'm sure it would last longer i'm too much of a polish addict to keep it on any longer! It lasts really well and hasn't chipped despite me being incredibly clumsy and hands on at work! Its a really sturdy polish, and though it looks a little bit warn you wouldn't be able to tell at a glance! This really is a great polish, great colour and great price at just £4.00 (on ASOS ) who could ask for more?!

Let me know what your favourite polish colours and brands are! Have you got a shade of red that you just adore? Please share!! 

All my love