Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Inspo | Summer Whites

Micha Gianneli
Alex's Closet

Anouska Proetta Brandon

Dominique N.

One of the hottest and biggest trends for this summer is white, absolutely everything white! White on white. White over white. White paired with white.

With the sun shining (hopefully) there is nothing more attractive than a white ensemble. What's more is the white clothes will bring out any tan you have. I absolutely love anything that enhances a tan, I personally think that a bit of a bronze glow makes me looks slimmer and healthier. I would be tanned all year round if I could be bothered to fake tan or jet off to hot countries, but alas I can no and so summer is my opportunity to bare my bronzed skin and wearing white definitely makes the most of this!

Jessica Stein

Fortunately, with white on white you can't really go wrong. You avoid colours clashes and patter clashes and get to experiment with shapes and textures. The most important thing about colour blocking is to replace the contrasting colours with contrasting textures so you keep your outfit interesting despite the lack of colour. 

One of the most exciting things about having a mono-coloured outfit is that it enhances any of the shapes and cuts that you have incorporated in to the outfit. Everything appears sleeker, sharper and classier

Henar Vicente

There are so many white items for your wardrobe, most of the famous highstreet brands have pages and lookbooks filled with the "White Out" trend.

We have seen this white trend before, recently in 2012 in starred in high fashion catwalks as the summer trend, and here it is again! This means that many of us have white pieces that we can recycle and bring forward from the back of our wardrobes. 

My only problem with the all white trend is my own messiness! I am so clumsy and I can guarantee that whatever I eat/drink will end up being spilt down myself. But this is something I will have to master if I want to jump on this trend.


I already have a few all white outfits planned, although I am in need of some more white shoes and a bag! ( Always an excuse to shop, oops ) 

Let me know what you think of this summer trend!

All my love,

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wishlist #1

Look at all these amazing whites and pastels, I just love spring/summer trends! 

1. White Chunky Platform Heels | River Island
2. Crystal Necklace | Zara
3. Pink Skaters | Topshop
4. White Ripped Jeans | Topshop
5. Pastel Print Shirt | Zara
6. Strappy Black Sandals | Zara
7. Clustered Flower Necklace | River Island
8. Lilac Lace Crop | Topshop
9. Striped Mesh Jumper | Zara
10. Jacquard Wrap Skirt | Asos
11. Pastel Pink Bag | Topshop
12. Models Own Polish | Models Own
13. Shimmer Tee | Topshop

Monday, 26 May 2014

Munch | Superfruit Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast is THE most important meal. It helps to set us up for the rest of the day and directs our eating habits. If you have a good, nutritious and healthy breakfast, the chance of you maintaining this eating pattern throughout the day is increased! Start the day off well and it's easier to maintain.

Personally, breakfast is also my favourite meal of the day so it's a big deal. I have an almost morning ritual of waking up and heading downstairs to the kitchen where I create my breakfast the same way I would a piece of art before sitting down to eat it. 

I love when my food looks good, it just becomes so much more appetising. If i present my food well then I feel much more inclined to eat it and to finish it all! I think that preparing and arranging fruit is super fun and easy. The colours and textures just looks very playful and fun, and also super healthy.

Blueberries are a massive SUPER food. While they may look small and inferior, they pack a mighty punch of benefits! Some of the super powers of blueberries :
  • Great source of Vitamin C | Helps to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Huge antioxidant provider | Vitamin E, Vitamin A , Vitamin B complex e.t.c.
  • Aids weightloss | Holds anti-biotic properties and bacteria fighting qualities.
  • Help with digestion | Contains lots of fibre and vitamin compounds.

Fruit and seeds go nicely together so i've just used a basic seed mix to sprinkle on top of the fruit salad for some extra vitamin E as i'm really trying to naturally clear my skin and promote healthy hair at the moment and seeds are fabulous for this!

As it was a lovely morning I went and sat outside to eat it in the sun, perfect! Although I did find a little baby spider crawling around trying to get into the bowl, but hey it's only wildlife! What do you love having for breakfast? Let me know your breakfast ideas.

Fruit is natures candy, it looks like sweets and most people much prefer fruit to veg! Unfortunately, fruit does contain a lot of sugar in the form of 'fructose' , the carbs held in the fruit come from sugar which inevitably makes them a bad carb source. HOWEVER, everything in moderation! I don't think you can really ever say eating a variety of fruits is a bad thing! 

 Finally I drizzled Maple Syrup over my Superfurit bowl as a sweet topping! I am absolutely obsessed with Maple Syrup and will use it whenever I can get away with it! I need to find some way to curve my maple 
craving though as it is full of sugar, but it made my breakfast super tasty. 

As it was a lovely morning I went and sat outside to eat in the sunshine, perfect!

All my love,

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Style | All Black Everything

I have to tell myself off for wearing so much black sometimes, you'll often see me covered head to toe in nothing but lifeless dark colours! I am beginning to experiment with colours and prints but today was just not one of those days... 

Fortunately, I do try and add different shapes and textures into my all black outfits so they are (hopefully) not too boring! Today's ensemble consisted of a cubist lapel cut jacket, a shaggy black jumper, some wetsuit material leggings and my favourite 'go-to-shoes' at the moment - the croc patterned docklands! 

Today was a pretty simple day, just a trip to the city to buy a few new pieces for my summer wardrobe as I am flying off to Greece in about a week. You'll be happy to know I didn't buy anything black, yay me! 

The weather was strange today, it couldn't make up its mind about whether it was sunny or raining and so I just grabbed for anything that black, threw it on and hoped for the best. Luckily it didn't get too hot, if not I think I probably would have melted under all that black. 

The sunglasses i'm wearing are one of my favourite purchases from today, I have been looking for some new sunnies for AGES! I have such an awkward face/nose and I find it so difficult to find ones that fit and look right. Previously I used to buy ones that made me look bug eyed or that sat weirdly on my face. I hope these ones avoid both of those problems, i;m pretty happy with them myself! They were only £10 from OUTFIT, i'll probably do a post soon on my sunglasses as I seem to have gone from none to having three pairs ( all of which are very similar! ).

My hair today was an absolute mess, im sorry! I had to get ready so quickly this morning that I had no time to style it , so a bit of XXL dry shampoo and a claw clip was shoved in and off I went. I'm hoping to pull it off as a 'messy/grungey/beachy' look, but i'm not so confident about that!! 

Todays eye makeup was pretty bold for me, I went for a smokey eye. I tend to stick with more neutral colours and pinks but as I already looked as if I was in morning I thought it best to just add more and more black to not only my outfit, but my face too. Also had my trusty BLACK ebay bag. Why not! 

Anyway, hope you have all had a good day and that your outfit was more colourful than mine! I will be doing another post soon about what I bought today and also a post on my blog 're-vamp' and the sort of schedule i'll be sticking to, just so you know what's being posted when!

Lovely to be back, see you tomorrow!

All my love,


Jumper | Primark
Leggings | Black Milk
Coat | Jovonna
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | Ebay
Sunglasses | Outfit

Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday Inspo | Summer Fringe

Credit | A Go-Go Fashion

Credit | Art in Our Blood.

With summer fast approaching one of the most exciting trends that seems to be making its comeback is the almighty FRINGE! The fringe has been a staple fashion statement at many festivals in years gone by and it isn't going anywhere yet!

Kate Moss for Topshop saw some bold fringed dresses and tops, while Topshops new lines are also catering to the fringe trend. Fashion bloggers have already snapped pics with their best fringed pieces including bags, dresses and kimonos!

* HOT TIP * Big floppy summer hats complete any fringed outfit. They go together to create a perfect festival/boho chic look. They are also fab for keeping the sun off you, creating your own shade and cooling yourself down (they are so flappy!!)

Credit | Jessica Christ Photography

This is one of the most public friendly trends of 2014 so far, if you're one of those people (like me) who sometimes finds it a little bit scary to wear the latest trends in the public realm and likes to stick to the 'not-so-fierce' looks then this trend is perfect! There are so many easy and subtle ways to incorporate the fringe look into your outfits.

Big designers off of the New York fashion runways to highstreet shops such as Topshop and Zara have now fully stocked up on fringed goodies. From hats, scarfs and bags and even shoes, there are different fringes for everyone this Spring/Summer!

Credit | Fake-Leather

I absolutely love this pop of yellow in the outfit, it takes the statement black fringe back and pushes into the background. Im not really a fan of highlighter yellow, and i'm definitely not brave enough to try and pull it off! However, this look is just right and really makes me want to throw on some bright colours and walk out into the world!

I have a fringed top that I bought last year for the festival season that i'm going to happily recycle into this years wardrobe! I'm really keen to pick up a fringe-crazy boho bag and kimono just because I think they look so fun and love the movement they hold! 

Will you be joining in with the fringe look? Are you headed to any festivals this summer? Let me know!

All my love,