Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Inspo | Summer Whites

Micha Gianneli
Alex's Closet

Anouska Proetta Brandon

Dominique N.

One of the hottest and biggest trends for this summer is white, absolutely everything white! White on white. White over white. White paired with white.

With the sun shining (hopefully) there is nothing more attractive than a white ensemble. What's more is the white clothes will bring out any tan you have. I absolutely love anything that enhances a tan, I personally think that a bit of a bronze glow makes me looks slimmer and healthier. I would be tanned all year round if I could be bothered to fake tan or jet off to hot countries, but alas I can no and so summer is my opportunity to bare my bronzed skin and wearing white definitely makes the most of this!

Jessica Stein

Fortunately, with white on white you can't really go wrong. You avoid colours clashes and patter clashes and get to experiment with shapes and textures. The most important thing about colour blocking is to replace the contrasting colours with contrasting textures so you keep your outfit interesting despite the lack of colour. 

One of the most exciting things about having a mono-coloured outfit is that it enhances any of the shapes and cuts that you have incorporated in to the outfit. Everything appears sleeker, sharper and classier

Henar Vicente

There are so many white items for your wardrobe, most of the famous highstreet brands have pages and lookbooks filled with the "White Out" trend.

We have seen this white trend before, recently in 2012 in starred in high fashion catwalks as the summer trend, and here it is again! This means that many of us have white pieces that we can recycle and bring forward from the back of our wardrobes. 

My only problem with the all white trend is my own messiness! I am so clumsy and I can guarantee that whatever I eat/drink will end up being spilt down myself. But this is something I will have to master if I want to jump on this trend.


I already have a few all white outfits planned, although I am in need of some more white shoes and a bag! ( Always an excuse to shop, oops ) 

Let me know what you think of this summer trend!

All my love,