Saturday, 24 May 2014

Style | All Black Everything

I have to tell myself off for wearing so much black sometimes, you'll often see me covered head to toe in nothing but lifeless dark colours! I am beginning to experiment with colours and prints but today was just not one of those days... 

Fortunately, I do try and add different shapes and textures into my all black outfits so they are (hopefully) not too boring! Today's ensemble consisted of a cubist lapel cut jacket, a shaggy black jumper, some wetsuit material leggings and my favourite 'go-to-shoes' at the moment - the croc patterned docklands! 

Today was a pretty simple day, just a trip to the city to buy a few new pieces for my summer wardrobe as I am flying off to Greece in about a week. You'll be happy to know I didn't buy anything black, yay me! 

The weather was strange today, it couldn't make up its mind about whether it was sunny or raining and so I just grabbed for anything that black, threw it on and hoped for the best. Luckily it didn't get too hot, if not I think I probably would have melted under all that black. 

The sunglasses i'm wearing are one of my favourite purchases from today, I have been looking for some new sunnies for AGES! I have such an awkward face/nose and I find it so difficult to find ones that fit and look right. Previously I used to buy ones that made me look bug eyed or that sat weirdly on my face. I hope these ones avoid both of those problems, i;m pretty happy with them myself! They were only £10 from OUTFIT, i'll probably do a post soon on my sunglasses as I seem to have gone from none to having three pairs ( all of which are very similar! ).

My hair today was an absolute mess, im sorry! I had to get ready so quickly this morning that I had no time to style it , so a bit of XXL dry shampoo and a claw clip was shoved in and off I went. I'm hoping to pull it off as a 'messy/grungey/beachy' look, but i'm not so confident about that!! 

Todays eye makeup was pretty bold for me, I went for a smokey eye. I tend to stick with more neutral colours and pinks but as I already looked as if I was in morning I thought it best to just add more and more black to not only my outfit, but my face too. Also had my trusty BLACK ebay bag. Why not! 

Anyway, hope you have all had a good day and that your outfit was more colourful than mine! I will be doing another post soon about what I bought today and also a post on my blog 're-vamp' and the sort of schedule i'll be sticking to, just so you know what's being posted when!

Lovely to be back, see you tomorrow!

All my love,


Jumper | Primark
Leggings | Black Milk
Coat | Jovonna
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | Ebay
Sunglasses | Outfit