Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nails | Chanel Inspired Black Glitter Mani

I've always absolutely loved doing my nails, I'm a complete polish addict and even has a filing system due to the amount of polishes I own! I'm always on the lookout for new brands, colours, textures - anything. Recently, I've been seeing some fantastic nail inspiration around on tumblr and instagram and decided to do a little inspired post of my own.

These nails were inspired by Chanel packaging. Chanel has a very sleek black design, everything is very clean and simple, yet the brand itself stands for luxury which can be symbolised by a gorgeous glittery polish! 

I tend to find that black polish looks to harsh on me, as I'm necessarily olive toned when it comes to my skin. However, adding this bit of sparkle has really helped to soften the polish and I love the glamour that it gives to the simple black.

Although I used a Matte Black polish, I didn't really like the effect of the matte and glitter combination. But that was nothing that a glossy OPI topcoat couldn't sort out!

I actually added a glitter stripe to the plain black nail a little later as I thought it looked too bare!

Let me know if you like my nail posts, I am quite keen to do some more!

All my love,