Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Style | Clean Cut Electric

I have been promising myself two things recently. 
1) I will buy myself a white jacket/blazer.
2) I will add colour to my wardrobe.
And today's post has achieved both of those things!

I was a girl on a mission, a mission to find the best white blazer I could at a reasonable price. I found myself in the trusty H&M, queuing up with a simple white blazer, when this little jacket caught my eye. I just couldn't resist the black piping detail, and the black and white contrasting lapels. Both blazer and jacket were £29.99 and so a made a quick and hefty swap and bought this little number home!

I really love how smart jackets can really transform an outfit. I have always loved monochrome ( as you can probably tell) and so I just had to have this little jacket. It's a bit more formal then i'd usually wear, and the jacket itself has feminine qualities but on the whole is quite a masculine looking thing. But, alas, I am in love with it.

As for adding colour, I picked up some bright coloured t-shirts for the bargain price of £7.99 in Zara. This electric blue is super bright, and I love the colour. I don't really have anything else this colour in my wardrobe so it was a welcome addition.

I also bought a lime green/neon yellow top in the same style which I will feature in an upcoming post. These tees were just a great way to add a bold pop of colour, into what is a dominant black and white wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of ankle boots and heels, so heeled ankle boots are always a winner! These ones were from Zara (zara's pieces are incredible at the moment). They have a really clumpy wooden heel and platform, they can feel quite hard to walk in as the sole doesn't cushion your step. BUT, I love the suede taupe colour and I can last a good few hours in them, so all is not lost.

The weather was really nice and sunny today and i'm hoping it will continue as I really need one more beach days!

All my love,


Jacket | H&M
Top | Zara
Leggings | Topshop
Boots | Zara
Sunglasses | Outfit