Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Style Great Lengths

I was  lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous pieces from Orelia. They are so wonderful and really hold a very elegant and dainty feel. I love the incorporation of the natural amethyst stone, its hazey purple tones compliment the gold perfectly!

I am a huge fan of statement jewellery, but sometimes you don't need anything too out there to make your statement. These pieces are a perfect example of how a few smaller, delicate pieces can come together to not just complete a look, but to make it altogether. Adding these touches from  Orelia change the outfit from something very casual, to an outfit that holds some character and detailing. I love them! 

 I think long, floating, skirts are incredibly feminine. While midi skirts found themselves in the spotlight for a while, long floor length skirts can always be found styled on the streets no matter what part of the year. There is something about the Grecian style and bohemian trend that encapsulates pieces of great length and which makes the such a solid staple in peoples wardrobes.

I love the way long pieces hang and drape off the body, while each piece is made the same, when put on it changes to envelope the shape of our own unique bodies meaning the same skirt could look completely different on various body shapes. 

What's more, these lengths of floating material show off the body without showing anything at all. While the wrong cut may leave you drowned in a mass of unflattering material, finding the right piece will flatter you to no-end. It leaves much to the imagination, a trait that is often much more loved then showing off the real thing. 

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of black. So, what better colour to style a long black skirt with than more black? You see my point. I paired my skirt with a beautifully simple off the shoulder black crop. The off the shoulder detailing, along with the lengthy thigh slit in the skirt gives that hinted suggestion of what lies underneath. A perfect way to show you are wearing great lengths, not to cover, but to frame.

I paired this outfit with my plain Carvella pointed flats, they have a lovely bit of gold detailing on the heel just to add to the Grecian style of floating dresses and half-up do's.

Hope you are all well!

All my love,