Friday, 29 August 2014

Style | Grey Is The New Black

As someone who declares numerous times her love for a monochrome wardrobe, you can imagine my excitement on seeing the fashion world turn in to a hue of tonal grey. Grey is no longer a faded black, a dirty white or a mere shadow of a colour. No, grey has emerged as this autumns front running staple colour. Forget those dark blacks, deep burgundys and forest greens that have so long been a member of your fall wardrobe. ( Ok, maybe don't forget them. Perhaps just tone them down a bit. A burgundy croc bag, or a chunky knit green jumper should do it. ) Grey is now your staple colour this season! 

While at first the thought of a grey wardrobe can seem like quite a dull pallette, I am here to hopefully (though not all that confidently) show you that Grey is not boring. Different shades, textures and patterns can bring your grey outfit to life, adding contrast and interest to what could otherwise be a washout of an outfit.

I can not stress enough how important the cut and texture of clothing is to the overall effect of an outfit. Though I have only been blogging fashion  for a few months, I have already established that simple details are key to creating an outfit that works. Whether or not I achieve a successful outfit is still questionable, BUT I am learning and hopefully progressing.

What's more, is that a simple grey pallette allows room for your accessories to take centre stage. Small hints of colour can really stand on their own against a background of grey hues. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful Jade Stone ring with very simple yet extremely elegant sterling silver detailing from gen K. Jewelry. Genevie, the creator of these beautiful pieces, makes it her mission to travel around the world to source the materials for her jewellery. Each pieces is carefully and thoughtfully selected, and this is what gives her brand the uniqueness and tranquil characteristics. 

The ring I was sent was made out of Jade. gen K. Jewelry uses Jade because it is an enchanting gemstone with unique properties that fosters zen and promotes calmness. Back in ancient Chinese history, only the emperor and official of high ranks were allowed to wear jade as it was considered a precious stone. It was believed to ward off evil and protect the wearer. 

Taking these historic properties of the stone, gen K. Jewelry decided to modernise the jade with a "face-lift" incorporating avant-garde concepts and contemporary design to enable the discerning individual to portray a sense of style and originality. I, myself, find the ring absolutely stunning and am so happy to be the owner of such a unique item.

I wanted to play about with the location, so decided to try an urban vibe. Closest I could find was this skatepark, so I had to have a bit of fun while I was there!

The piece that I feel really finishes this look is the bag! I actually grabbed this off my friend Lydia last minute and stole it for my outfit! I love the rough-finish leather and the boldness of the backpack. Definitely need to invest in one for myself. I feel the rucksack really breaks up the outfit and adds in another layer of volume to keep it from looking flat!

All my love,


Top | H&M
Jumper | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Boots | ZARA
Bag | From Lydia