I'm 19 and live in Norfolk, England. However, I am at university studying for my History Degree in London! I love working towards my goals and ambitions and hope that  one day i'll have a career in Fashion, Marketing or PR. 

 I am a complete shopaholic and I will put my hands up and admit I have shoes and clothes that are still sitting around  with the tags on, I know i'll never wear them but I just don't  want to give them up, is that so bad? It probably is! I definitely needed an excuse to de-clutter and organise my  fashion wardrobe and this blog is the perfect opportunity to  do so! 

Lux LDN started because I was just so eager to share  my fashion exitement and love with others. I also hope  to meet and hear from people that will help me  become more fashion concious and educated  because i'm far from a fashion guru! I have a long way to go with regards to self  development, both in terms of my blog and in terms of my career path and style. This is hopefully going to be a place where you can all share my journey and help me along the way!

So here i'll dabble in and write about things that are beauty, fashion and life related and hopefully you'll find some bits interesting and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired by my style. Whether it's because you like it, or maybe I will just inspire you to be more fashion concious then me! 

Whatever you gain, or learn or enjoy about my blog, i'm glad to have you with me!

All my love,